Dritter Patch für Torchlight 2 erschienen
Freitag, den 12. Oktober 2012 um 15:43 Uhr
Runic ist weiter fleißig dabei Probleme in Torchlight 2 zu beheben und die allgemeine Performance zu verbessern. Ziel dieser Bemühungen ist nun der dritte Patch. Die Patchnotes gibt es wie immer in der erweiterten News.

  •     Fixed Engineer armor set that was showing up as white geometry
  •     Additional UI performance improvements
  •     Additional rendering performance improvements
  •     Precacheing of skills, missiles, and particles to reduce the appearance of stutters the first time those assets are viewed on some machines
  •     Fixed a crash that could occur with a dying pet that proc'ed on save restoration
  •     Fixed some issues with Stormclaw bolt chaining
  •     Blazing Pillar will no longer give enemies the ability to burn you!
  •     Shockbolts and Shocking Orb can now build charge
  •     Fixed several non-working augment affixes
  •     On-Death Procs properly cool down if required (Fixes several issues where a proc ceases functioning after a period of time)
  •     Blade Pact and Stone Pact last for listed time
  •     Lore item set now has a tangle ability, instead of a nonfunctional acidrain proc
  •     Several affixes that work based on unit proximity can work in parallel, when they could not before
  •     Fixed several issues where procs could be precluded from activation
  •     Set bonuses based on nearby monster count work properly
  •     Some more multiplayer XP distribution fixes related to player/killer delta
  •     Can't turn alignment on something that attaches to its master
  •     When a left-click skill is bound, skills won't track a second mouse click if you click and click-away again (keeps you from pointing the wrong direction sometimes)
  •     Player block cap set to 75 instead of 50
  •     Elemental armor reduction can't reduce armor below zero
  •     Champions all have 100% charm resistance
  •     Siege Turrets have 100% charm resistance
Level Scripting
  •     Can't prematurely activate Vyrax tower warp with teleportation
  •     Various minor level fixes
  •     Various visual updates to the Three Sisters' Lair
  •     Some snow effects were not properly tagged as 'weather' so would not disable when weather was turned off
  •     Tutaran trap fixes
  •     Alchemist can no longer be 'started' on his third stage by rerolling, going to the next level waypoint, and back up.
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